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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Online Freelance

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Few Definitions:

Are people who outsource jobs at freelance sites. They are the people who give jobs to freelancers.

Service Providers:
These are the people who seek jobs at freelance sites. Like you and me. Service providers or SPs, do work for buyers and buyers pay them after the work is completed.

At freelance sites, projects and jobs means the same. If I say “ bid on a project ” , then it will mean something like “
apply for a job ” .

Here is a list of top freelance sites.
1. Elance
[ Free Membership Available ]
2. Getafreelancer (GAF)
[ 100% Free To Join ]
3. oDesk
4. Scriptlance (SL)
[For The Option "Account Type"; Choose "Programmer" NOT "Buyer"]
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Common Freelance Jobs
Data Entry
Data Entry category includes simple jobs like: typing, online form filling, data collecting, image editing, document formatting etc.

Copywriting category includes writing: articles, content for websites, press releases, stories etc. To do this work, one needs to write Spelling errors free English along with ok grammar.

Other easy freelance jobs may include:
Transcribing (wherein you will convert audio files as text through listening in audio and typing the words)
Scanned Typing (typing scanned documents)
Voice Over, Online Researching and etc.

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