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Monday, February 21, 2011

Uploading And Configuring A Script To Freehost Or Paid Host

1. Make sure your host
has the requirements
the script needs incase if
uploading an php script
with mysql your server
needs php and mysql

2. Upload your files to
your host in the root
folder in most cases its
html,httpdocs or public_
html easiest way to do
this is via ftp

1. Create a mysql user
and a mysql database
and assign al privileges
to this user for the
database and upload
your sql file in

2. Edit your config file
this file changes from
script to script (for
example on lavalair edit
the config.php)

3. You are nearly done
now you need only to
set the right permissions
to folders as some folder
require chmod 777 to

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