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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Domain Stealing Part 3

SOURCE and more info at:

To register or update information about a name server, complete and submit the Host Form to This form is also available on our Web site.

Network Solutions Registration Services e-mail: help@

You should now be thinking that this message could get you in trouble but there is a way of getting rid of this trouble. Here you’ ll use your mailbomber to mailbomb the guy with 20-30 similar messages if you want your attack to be successful.
The person would see 35 messages from the same address and therefore would delete all of them and you’ d probably be safe. If he ‘ would ’ email someone then he would probably reply to the wrong tracking number. In the above case, the tracking number is [NIC-000128.4r50]. OK, here another hard part. You have to open your notepad and generate similar numbers actually come up with them.

You should NEVER mailbomb the person with the same tracking number. What we mean is that you should never send more than one emails to him from [NIC-000128.4r50] in the next email, change the [NIC-000128.4r50] to [NIC-000127.5089] or something different. Here is a list of some numbers that we generated just to give you a good idea of how the scheme works.


Remember to change the number at both places. In the subject as well as the email body!

In the case of you will send the email messages to ADMINEMAIL@EXAMPLE.COM from The message subject and body are already described above.

Stop after you have mailed him/her 10-15 messages! Now it’ s time to email hostmaster@ with our fake email as ADMINEMAIL@ EXAMPLE.COM So again, in this case the message will be sent to hostmaster@ from ADMINEMAIL@EXAMPLE.COM with the following template that we created above:
******** Please DO NOT REMOVE Version Number

Contact Version Number: 1.0

******** Please see attached detailed instructions ********

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