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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Phishing Tutorial Part 2

2.) Second Part: Deceiving the Victim.
Now in this part we are going to see how we can deceive our victims. The way i do it is like this.
1) Go to your inbox and find a simple hi5 Friend Request and Copy it
2) Go to, scroll down for a little and paste the invitation
*Now select the "Accept Friend" line.
*Click the hyperlink button.
*Paste your phishing link there.
*Click OK button.
4) Now fill in the fields like this:
Subject: Someone has sent you a hi5 Friend Request
Then enter the security code and click send. The e-mail will look like it came from hi5 just that it will redirect the victim to your phishing link instead of

The same can be done for facebook and many more websites of your choice. NOTE: There is a chance that the email wont be sent sometimes. So the best it would be to send it on your own inbox just before you send it to your victim.
I know it was a long
tutorial but believe me it will
worth it once you mastered. Let me know what you think.
Happy Phishing.

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