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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Don't Set Programs To Automatically Start

Software manufacturers often set their programs to open in the background, so they'll open right away when you click their icons. That's helpful for programs you use a lot, but for those you rarely, this wastes memory (RAM) and slows down the time it takes Windows Startup to finish.

To see which programs run automatically at startup, check the notification area on the taskbar. Point to each icon to see the program name, and alter the settings of the program that you don’t want to start automatically.

Or you may use AutoRuns for Windows, from Microsoft. It shows you all of the programs that run when you start Windows. Download and open the AutoRuns for Windows program, and then by clearing the check box next to the name of the program you want to stop.
NOTE: AutoRuns for Windows is designed for advanced users.


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