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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Blue Screen Of Death

The Blue Screen Of Death, also known as Windows Stop Error, occurs whenever Windows detects a software, hardware or driver error which will not allow it to continue operating properly.

Use A Registry Cleaner
The easiest way to fix the BSOD, is to use a registry cleaner software. Registry errors are the most common cause of a blue screen error.
CLICK HERE to read more and for the list of some registry cleaner software.

Reseat The RAM
Remove the RAM from the motherboard by pressing the locks at each side of the memory card then pulling it out. Clean it with a pencil eraser, clean only the copper thing at the edge of the memory card. Once done, GENTLY put it back to your motherboard by pressing it downwards at both ends until you hear a click sound from the locks.

Run the chckdsk utility
If you have access in the RUN box, you may try running the chkdsk utility by typing chkdsk /repair in the Command Prompt. It will scan for bad sectors in your hard drive and then tries to fix it.

Reinstall Your O.S.
Consider this only as your last option, if you have tried the other steps and still got the error.

Reinstalling your operating system deletes all files in your harddrive, so make sure to make a backup copy of your files before starting.
CLICK HERE to read more.

NOTE: In some cases, and if you are lucky, the problem is resolve with a simple reboot.